RESILIENT YOUTH ********* The Power to Change Lives.

FERLIE ALMONTE brings her RESILIENCE CODE to those who need it most... kids at risk. " Connecting The Dots" her critically" acclaimed TED TALK is a fun and transformational workshop that enlightens, uplifts and inspires youth into action.

RESILIENT INDIVIDUALS The Power to Change Lives.

Productivity enhancer for individuals.


How do people deal with difficult events that change their lives? The death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events: these are all examples of very challenging life experiences. Many people react to such circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty.


Participants will be taught the techniques and approaches to building personal resilience; they will be provided with exercises and routines that can be adopted on a daily basis; participants will build a reservoir of resilience against stressful events; they will also learn how to help build resilience in others.

RESILIENT YOUTH Power to Change Lives

Early Childhood Intervention dealing with the phenomenon of resilience and the role of protective factors in the lives of individuals who were born and raised under adverse conditions. Most research in this area has focused on short-term studies in middle childhood and adolescence. There has also been a growing interest in the life histories of adults who managed to overcome a cruel past successfully.


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One of my blocks in my business and personal connections was my negative thoughts. She provided me with some specific ways to remove them. ~ Dawn F, Wisconsin ---------------------------------------------- Ferlie quickly gets to the heart of the matter, with clarity and compassion. ~Fern W. New Jersey

Dawn F, Wisconsin

What a captivating speaker! Ferlie Almonte recently spoke at our North Shore Rotary Meeting in Staten Island, NY her energy was contagious. She was highly entertaining, funny and very educational. She had a very unique and memorable style and offered a lot of value on the topic. I look forward to attending more of her public speaking events.

Paul Scamardella Food & Beverage Executive

We recently had Ferlie Almonte come and speak at our meeting. She brought the group into instant ease and laughter even before she began her talk. She was dynamic, full of energy and kept the audience fully engaged. If you are looking for an energetic , larger than life Key Note Speaker... Ferlie's the one.

John Rasiej, BGSPSC

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