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Hello! My name is Ferlie Almonte. I am thrilled to welcome you to my web home. Thank you for taking precious time of your life to visit! I’d love to know how I can serve you.

What brought you to my path? Is there something in your life, career or relationship that is not working? Do you seeking a life that’s joyful, meaningful, and purposeful? Are you stuck in a career that no longer lights you up? Do you feel like you just exist doing something so routine day after day after day? Do you feel empty? invisible? Undervalued? Unappreciated? Unhappy? Unloved?

You feel miserable. You want change. But you do not know how to create the life you want or where to begin. First of all… breathe. You are not alone. And you are safe with me. I’ve been through so many personal catastrophes and have gone through a number of Life Reinventions. I CAN HELP YOU Design the Life that will make you come alive again and guide you in finding your New Beginnings. Shall we begin?

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