Calling all Men and Women Over The Age of 40 Who Feel Unhappy, Empty, Inhibited, And/Or Insignificant And Are Ready to Stand Out, Get Noticed, and Invite Happiness And Success Into Your Life, Career, and Relationships…

Have you spent the last 20-30 years investing in others – your family, your relationships, your career – only to wake up and realize that you never invested in YOU, YOUR Dreams and YOUR passions?

Are you sick and tired of feeling resentful that you never went after your dreams, that time is running out, and you missed out on a chance to ignite the joyful and meaningful life you desire and deserve?

Deep down, do you feel the need and urgency to STOP what’s not working and START living on purpose, ON YOUR TERMS?

It’s Time To Bring It, B.L.I.N.G. It

And Start Living A FERLI LICIOUS Life!

{B.L.I.N.G.} Acronym for Boldly Living In Natural Greatness

{FERLI LICIOUS} Adjective. A heart centered, soul inspired, purpose driven way of being, inspired by the life and work of Ferlie Almonte, Life & Image Transformation Expert, Motivational Entertainer, Best Selling Author, Fearless Visionary. Meet Ferlie >

Whether you’re been laid off, outsourced, downsized, traded in, dumped or divorced, it’s never too late to become FERLILICIOUS.

When you unleash the B.L.I.N.G. in YOU and embody your FERLI LICIOUSNESS, you can and will:

Transform yourself from wimpy and wounded to valuable and victorious
Free yourself from old wounds and stories so you can live unleashed
Discover your sparkling personality and fully express it
Cultivate a personal image and style that reflect your inner (and ageless) beauty
Ignite your irresistibility and magnetize the right opportunities and relationships
Reinvent your career and START making money from your innate gifts and talents
It doesn’t matter what obstacle, challenge, frustration, or loss you’ve experienced – today or in the past.

What matters is today.

If you’re ready to sashay away from the life, career, and/or relationship(s) you’ve been settling for, and START sparkling with confidence, charisma, and clarity, let Ferlie’s expertise, energy, and enthusiasm ignite your irresistibility NOW!

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